Top 10 baby keepsakes to cherish

One day you’re bringing your precious newborn home from the hospital and in what seems like a blink of an eye they’re walking, talking and off to school. Where did that time go?

A checklist of keepsakes for your newborn

Savour the memories of when your little one first came into the world with these great keepsake ideas

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Taking a moment during those hectic early years to put away a keepsake or two will be worth it so you can reminisce in years to come.

Here’s our suggestions for keepsakes to cherish

1. Your baby’s scan photo

What’s more precious to save than that first photo of your baby before he was even born, and before you even knew whether he was a boy or a girl

2. Hospital ID band

Nothing reminds you quite how tiny your child once was than finding their tiny ID bands from the day they were born and wondering how such a tiny band could ever have fit round your baby’s wrist.

3. First photo with a sibling

A photo can capture a precious moment and the first time your child meets their baby brother or sister is one of those moments to capture and save forever.

4. First curl

The first time your little one has a haircut is a momentous day in their little life so mark the occasion by grabbing a little discarded curl to add to your baby’s keepsake box.

5. First babygro

Holding on to one of your baby’s first babygros or sleepsuits is a lovely reminder of when your little one was young and even the smell can remind you of that time years down the line.

6. First pair of shoes

Your baby’s first pair of shoes is another perfect addition to the keepsake box. Those tiny little shoes they took their early steps in are worth saving forever.

7. The first baby blanket

The first blanket you wrapped your baby in is a great keepsake and if you chose a very special, luxurious blanket you will want to keep it and you never know, it could be a personal gift to pass on to your first grandchild. Why not take a look at our range of blankets from our Bounty Boutique.

8. That precious first toy

Every baby has that special first cuddly toy that just means so much and gives that little comfort through the night. Even when your child thinks he is too old to have a cuddly toy, make sure it finds its way into the keepsake box as their treasured friend will make them smile again one day. Our range of Soft Toys from Bounty Boutique is sure to make a best friend to any baby

9. First tooth

You might have to fight the tooth fairy for it, but keeping the first tooth your little one loses is a lovely reminder on one of those early milestones.

10. Keepsake cards

A popular way of recording your baby’s firsts now is keepsake cards that are simple and cute and allow you to add the date to a card marking your baby’s first steps, your baby’s first smile and many more. 

Top 10 baby keepsakes to cherish