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25 weeks pregnant

What to expect this week

What's happening in week 25

25 weeks pregnant

At twenty five weeks your baby is establishing a play and nap routine and recognising your voice!

At a glance

  • Your baby will be developing their own daily routines
  • You will need to start thinking about your birth plan
  • Start looking for a car seat now so you can practice fitting it before baby arrives

How big is my baby at 25 weeks?

At twenty five weeks into your pregnancy, your baby will be approximately 33cm in length and have their own little routine going on in your womb! They will play (turning somersaults, wriggling around!) and then have a little nap to recover! They will also enjoy hearing your voice at this stage, and may move around in response to it. 

They might get excited by other noises too, and you may well feel them having a bit of a boogie to certain sounds – could be as mundane as the Hoover or car engine, but music might get them into the groove, too! Talking and singing to your baby is as important as ever at this stage in your pregnancy, and you might even want to read to them, as well.

You at 25 weeks pregnant

You'll have an antenatal appointment at 25 weeks, and your midwife might talk through your birth plan, or your thoughts about the type of delivery you would like.  If you haven't yet written up your birth plan and put a copy of it in your maternity notes folder, now could be the time to do it. Make sure your birth partner has a copy too, and is aware of the kind of birth you wish to aim for, and your thoughts on pain relief and positions to deliver in. You might be given a test for gestational diabetes at this point in pregnancy, if you have gained weight rapidly, or if your urine or blood sample has flagged up cause for concern and you may be advised on  healthy eating and diet in pregnancy

What to think about in week 25

One of the first pieces of equipment you are going to need for your baby is a car seat so you can bring them home from hospital. It's a good idea to get this sorted as early as you can, so you feel confident about fitting it in your car, and getting it in and out – you could even have a practice of securing the harness with your fave teddy! Most stores will offer you lots of advice and make sure you have chosen the right seat for your car, and one that is suitable for a newborn. 

Many retailers will also have a fitting service, and will make sure you are completely up to speed with the correct position and attachment of your seat before you take it away.

Now you’re in your 25th week, that bump will be a good size now and growing by the day. There’s no doubt that with a big bump you’ll struggle doing everything you did before the pregnancy, and the bigger your bump gets, the harder some things become.

One of the first things you may notice is the slight struggle that is getting in and out of the car. This can become an ordeal with a growing bump. 

You may find yourself asking, why does the steering wheel have to be right there? You try getting in as you did before, fail, you try easing down sideways then slowly swinging round, another fail. You resort to having to push the seat back, but hang on, now your feet don’t reach the peddles. Sound familiar? 

As your bump does get bigger, you want to be mindful that you don’t put on too much extra weight than necessary. You don’t need to over analyse it though – as long as you’re eating a varied diet, avoiding too many high fat foods and preparing food safely you should be fine. 

Importantly, you shouldn’t be 'eat for two'. It’s not necessary. 

Things do change slightly however as your pregnancy progresses, you will need a few extra calories in the third trimester, but even then the extra is 200 calories and in fact only equivalent to an extra slice of toast and spread.

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At a glance

  • Your baby will be developing their own daily routines
  • You will need to start thinking about your birth plan
  • Start looking for a car seat now so you can practice fitting it before baby arrives

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