7 everyday things near on impossible to do with a big bump

Tough everyday things now you have a big bump to carry around

‘Now I have a big pregnancy bump I can’t…’

As your baby bump grows things may start to get a little tougher to do

7 things…

  • …that are hard to do with a pregnancy bump

Pregnant woman asleep on sofa

Having a growing bump can play havoc with every day things you may have taken for granted before being pregnant but it can also get you out of things you don’t really want to do. 

Take a look at some of these…did you struggle with any of the below…?

1. Getting comfy on the sofa

Not as easy as it used to be. Before you had a big bump, getting cosy on the sofa was easy, now it involves a lot of pillows, lifting your legs and endless faffing just to find a comfy position.

2. Getting off the sofa

And once you finally find that perfect position, you realise you have to pee, and then go through even more faffing to try and get yourself off the sofa, forget dignity, just get up anyway you can.

3. Getting in and out of the car

What an ordeal this can become with a growing bump. Why does the steering wheel have to be right there? You try getting in as you did before your bump was big, nope that won’t work, you try easing down sideways then slowly swinging round, but you get wedged. It’s no good, you’ll have to push the seat back, but hang on, now your feet don’t reach the peddles. Stuff it, get the bus.

4. Hugging someone

Forget it, you’ll just end up knocking them off their feet with your enormous bump.

5. Putting your shoes and socks on

Why aren’t more pregnant women walking around wearing flip flops, even in winter? How do you bend down past that bump to get them on? Top tip: get someone else to put them on for you!

6. Painting your toe nails

Not going to happen, you can’t even see below your bump, let alone reach to paint your toe nails. It’s a perfect excuse to head down to the salon for a pedicure.

7. Reaching the sink to wash up

Your bump won’t allow you to get close enough to the sink to do the washing up, so just don’t do it, simple! 

7 things…

  • …that are hard to do with a pregnancy bump

7 everyday things near on impossible to do with a big bump