Baby 10 months: What development will they have reached?

Once your baby reaches 10 months, what developmental milestones can you expect them to have achieved?

What milestones should my baby have reached by 10 months?

What should your baby be on their way to achieving by 10 months?

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What can you expect from your baby’s development at 10 months old? This is a busy time in your little one’s development but it’s always important to remember that babies reach these milestones in their own time.

Here’s our general guide to what you might be seeing at around 10 months old.

• Your baby should be able to pick things up with thumb-finger pincer grasp and be able to wave goodbye.

• Crawling could be a common way for your baby to get around now and they are likely to be able to pull themselves into a standing position and take a few steps holding onto furniture.

• By now you may notice your little one starting to master some of these other milestones including saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ to the right parent. 

• They should also start to recognise when they hear their own name and understand the word ‘no’.

• Pointing at objects may be coming a more every day thing.

• Your baby may also be getting mobile enough to get from lying on their tummy up into a sitting position.

Other things to look out for at this stage are:

Playing ball (rolling it between the two of you)

Saying other words, maybe s/sounds, that aren’t just ‘mama’ or ‘dada’.

Tell you what they want (or don’t want!) and express themselves with hand gestures

Drinking from a cup independently.

Baby 10 months: What development will they have reached?