Baby 11 months: What development will they have reached?

Once your baby reaches 11 months, what developmental milestones can you expect them to have achieved?

What milestones should my baby have reached by 11 months?

What should your baby be on their way to achieving by 11 months?

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What can you expect from your baby’s development at 11 months old? This is a busy time in your little one’s development but it’s always important to remember that babies reach these milestones in their own time.

Here’s our general guide to what you might be seeing at around 11 months old.

• By now your little one should be familiar with calling you ‘mama’ and dad ‘dada’.

• Standing alone for a few seconds should be becoming a normal everyday occurrence as well as getting into a sitting position from lying on their tummy. 

• Your baby should understand the word ‘no’ by this stage too and be able to point to familiar objects when you say ‘cup’ or ‘plate’.

• You may also notice that they are able to imitate others and like to join in with their siblings. They’ll play alongside each other – not with each other often but they are interested in what the other child is doing.

• They may also now be able to put objects into a container and understand and respond to simple instructions as well as let you know what they want with gestures.

You may even notice some more advanced development including:

Drinking from a cup without help.

Saying other first words (LINK) , not only ‘mama’ and ‘dada’.

Playing ball (rolling it between the two of you)

Being able to stoop from a standing position

Stand unaided with greater confidence and move around the room holding on to furniture.

Take a few careful steps while gripping your hands.

Hold out an arm or leg to help you dress them. They’re a way off self-dressing yet, but hey, it’s a step in the right direction.

Baby 11 months: What development will they have reached?