Baby 9 months: What development will they have reached?

Once your baby reaches 9 months, what developmental milestones can you expect them to have achieved?

What should your baby be on their way to achieving by 9 months?

What should your baby be able/nearly able to achieve by 9 months?

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What can you expect from your baby’s development at 9 months old? This is a busy time in your little one’s development but it’s always important to remember that babies reach these milestones in their own time. 

Here’s our general guide to what you might be seeing at around 9 months old.

• By this age your baby should be showing some signs of combining syllable sounds into word-like noises in the early stages of their speech.

• They should also be able to hold a standing position for a wee while holding onto someone or something.

• If there is a toy out of their reach they should be showing signs of trying to reach it.

• If a favourite toy is dropped your baby should be able to look for it.

• They should be having fun with the Peek-A-Boo game now, hiding their face and they revealing it again.

• Likewise, your baby should notice if you take a toy away whilst they are playing.

• Your baby is likely to have figured out that it’s fun banging objects together to make noise.

• They should be beginning to point to objects.

• They may even be able to pick things up with thumb-finger pincer grasp.

Other things your little one may soon grasp include:

Say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ to the right parent

Waving goodbye

Responding to their own name

Beginning to understand "no" (although they may not always obey it!)

Baby 9 months: What development will they have reached?