Do’s and don’ts when caring for your baby’s skin

A baby’s skin is so delicate and needs special care, here’s what you need to know

Top tips for protecting and caring for your baby’s delicate skin

The tips you need to ensure your baby’s skin is looked after

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Your baby’s skin is very delicate from the day they’re born – there’s a reason the phrase ‘soft as a baby’s bottom’ is so well known. In the early days you need to develop a safe skin-care routine that will build a foundation for healthy skin in your baby’s future. 

Here are some top tips to keep skin soft and protected:

Bathing your baby

DO bathe your baby in lukewarm water if they need a wash. A bathtub filled with 2-3 inches of water is the purest way to start their cleansing routine (plus it’s a great time to bond with your baby).
DON’T bathe your baby more than two or three times a week - any more and you might risk drying out your baby’s skin and removing natural oils. These oils can protect your baby against infections and irritants. 

Choosing your baby products wisely

DO choose gentle products for your baby’s skin. There are products designed specifically for new-borns, which will have minimal impact on babies’ skin surface pH and keep it as clean and protected as possible.
DON’T use products that are not tested to the highest standard – as baby skin is so delicate, it’s important to look out for hypo-allergenic and clinically tested products. Anything other than the purest products could cause harmful rashes or risk drying out your baby’s delicate skin.

Cleaning the nappy area

DO clean your baby’s nappy area as much as necessary – it’s important to clean harmful bacteria, moisture or dirt from these areas to avoid risk of skin irritation or infection
DON’T rush to put on the next nappy – giving your baby a few minutes of fresh air can help prevent nappy rash.

Drying your baby

DO make sure that your baby is totally dry once you’ve washed him/her. Patting your baby dry with a soft towel is the best way to gently dry them. 
DON’T forget to dry between every fold of skin, including in between the toes. Dampness can agitate your baby’s delicate layers of skin, causing rashes or skin irritations.

Keeping your baby’s skin moisturised

DO keep your baby moisturised. A baby’s skin absorbs and loses water much faster than adult skin, meaning it needs to be kept moisturised to be properly protected against dryness – remember to choose products that are very gentle.
DON’T forget babies’ heads! When your baby is born, they might have a flaky scalp for the first few months (seborrheic dermatitis, more commonly known as cradle cap). To reduce build up, soften scales with baby oil, wash with baby shampoo and gently brush with a soft brush to loosen the scales. This can be gently moisturised with hypoallergenic, new-born-specific products.

*When it comes to keeping your baby clean during moments like this, only the purest skin care products will do. Choose hypoallergenic and clinically tested products to keep your baby’s skin as protected and healthy as possible – ready for the first of many hugs and kisses

Do’s and don’ts when caring for your baby’s skin