10 of the worst judgemental comments made by parents to parents

‘You’re still breastfeeding at 2?’ and more judgements parents make but shouldn’t

10 worst judgemental comments parents say

Parents judge other parents sadly, and here are some of the worst you may hear

10 worst judgements

  • Parents will ever hear

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Ah the judging of other parents, a cross we all have to bear. It seems some parents just can’t help themselves and just have to pass comment on everything. 

Some are worse than others, here’s some of the worst things we have been told parents have heard over the years, any sound familiar?

1. ‘She isn’t breastfeeding her baby, probably more concerned with how her breasts look than her baby.’

2. ‘Still breastfeeding at 2? That’s just wrong!’

3. ‘She still calls it baby weight but her child is 6!’

4. ‘Bit strange your baby isn’t walking yet.’

5. ‘That’s it, go through 10 disposable nappies a day, don’t worry about the planet you’ll leave for your child.’

6. ‘That baby always has a dummy in, bet it’s so they don’t have to hear her cry, she’ll pay for that in dental bills.’

7. ‘You’re still working full-time? I wouldn’t let anyone raise my children for me.’

8. ‘How can you let your child eat that? Bet she’s not had a healthy meal in months.’

9. ‘All your kids do is play on tablets, they are like zombies.’

10. ‘Your baby still sleeps in your bed? That’s crazy!’

10 worst judgements

  • Parents will ever hear

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