Slanger: Anger due to lack of sleep

What parent can’t relate to this?

The ‘slanger’ moments all parents face

Can you relate to any of the below ‘slanger’ moments?


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There’s often a selection of words coined to explain things we face as parents, from ‘mummy brain’, to ‘yummy mummy’, or that scary three-year-old, ‘the threenager’.

The latest term has been created to explain the lack of sleep us parents face and the monsters it turns us into. Sleep anger, now known as ‘slanger’, is the latest parenting term to explain the effect too little sleep has on us.

As if it isn’t bad enough we have to cope with little, and sometimes no sleep, when we have our babies, but we still try to be the perfect mum all through the day without the lack of sleep getting the better of us.

Well, this lovely new term is the description of the anger that over takes us when we feel when we’ve just not enough Zzzz.

Who can relate to the below ‘slanger’ moments?

1. Trying to do the easiest thing sees you throwing things across the room

From as easy as plugging in a toy for your little one or building their little train track, nothing is working and you find yourself throwing a bit of track across the room in sheer slanger.

2. The tune from Peppa Pig causes steam to pour out your ears

You swear to yourself if you hear that tune again you may ban it for life in your house as it is literally driving you crazy!

3. Lunch is almost in the bin

Even though you politely asked your toddler what he wants for lunch, as you start to make the cheese sandwich that he requested, he changes his mind, maybe ham or egg. You politely remind him he asked for cheese and as the tears flow and he tells you he doesn’t like cheese anymore, you have to restrain yourself from chucking the whole lot in the bin and locking yourself in the bathroom just for a little peace.

4. The word ‘mum’ starts to grate

You know slanger is taking hold when every time you here your little one say ‘mum’ in that whiney tone, you want to throw your hands over your eyes and shout ‘No! I’m not here!’


  • The latest mummy term

Slanger: Anger due to lack of sleep