7 easy ways for mums to make extra money

These tips offer some easy ways to make a bit of money while at home with little ones

Mums: easy ways to make extra money

Who would say no to a few extra pounds in the month? These ideas are great to earn a little extra

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Even if you’re on maternity leave or a stay at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t earn some money.

The pandemic has changed the way a lot of people work, and more of us are working at home.

But regardless of your normal work environment, we’ve rounded up some great ways you could add to your monthly income while you're at home with little ones.

1. Party planning

This is an increasingly popular way for people, and quite often mums, to make some extra cash while socialising at the same time. It’s known in the industry as party plan – you hold parties, coffee mornings and other events where you sell a product. You then make a commission on what you sell, plus other bonuses depending on the company you’re with.

2. Pet sitter/dog walker

If you have pets and love animals this can be a great little earner for you. You can find local agencies online you can join and can either walk dogs or open your home to pet sitting or even popping in and feeding someone’s cat. It’s important to never leave children unattended with any animals. 

3. Mystery shopper

You can be your own investigative consumer by visiting local restaurants, clubs and shops and pretending to be interested in certain services they cover. All you then is go home and fill out a survey related to what you found out. Look online for groups in your area.

4. Market research

Why not get paid for simply having an opinion? Market research goes on all around the UK so just take a look online what is happening in your area.

5. Mummy blogs

Mummy blogs are huge now and any mum can sign up to word press or blogger and get blogging. Once you get established you can get sponsorship or ads on your blog that will bring in money and don’t forget all the freebie gifts you will receive once brands become aware of your blog.

6. Nearly new sales

Once you’re sure you won’t be needing all the baby gadgets, toys, clothes anymore, and you realise some of them appear like new, why not sell them? There are various ways you can do this. Hold a stall at a local baby sale, sell items on e-Bay or a local Facebook group. This is a great a way to have a clear out and make some of your money back on items you no longer need.

7. Do you have an inspirational mum idea?

Is there something you’ve thought of that would make being a mum easier? Be it an invention, a website or just an idea, using your personal experiences to build a new business venture from home could corner the market.

Help secure your family’s financial future

Making extra money to treat your family is a great feeling, but you may want to think about using the extra cash you earn to protect your income and your home in case anything happens. The reality is that the extra cash you might make is also money you don’t miss yet because you never had it, so you might want to revisit life insurance and other policies and investments to help protect your family in the future - and save for those significant life events of your children   

7 easy ways for mums to make extra money