Hints and tips on selling at an NCT sale

The lowdown on selling your baby gear at nearly new sales

Nearly new sales dos and don’ts

If you’re looking to sell your unwanted baby stuff at a sale, here’s what you need to know

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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, NCT/nearly new sales are a great port of call, particularly if you’re on a budget. Many parents choose to sell their unwanted baby items and some are never or barely used.

If you are thinking of visiting a sale, here’s some dos and don’ts.

Arrive early 

To get a good pick of what’s for sale, it’s best to arrive half an hour before the sale begins, or you’ll miss out on a lot of the bargains to be had.

Be prepared

Have in your mind, or on paper, what it is you’re looking for from the sale to save aimlessly wandering around. 

Join the NCT club

Becoming a member gets you into the sales and a pick of the bargains half an hour before everyone else does. 

Designer choices 

It’s rare to see lower-end brands at an NCT sale as they are pretty cheap to buy new, so it’s worth looking through the clothes as most will be from high end brands and designers that you may not otherwise be able to buy.

Arrive half way through

You’ll have missed all the potential bargains.

Expect to tick it all off the list 

You will probably have a list of what you’re hoping to pick up from the sale but be realistic and aim to get what you can, and don’t get disappointed if they don’t have everything you wanted.

Expect to create a whole nursery from the sale 

Unrealistic. There’s only certain amounts of anything at a sale, it purely depends what people are selling that week plus they’ll be loads of others looking for the same bargains you are. And don’t forget second hand mattresses or baby vests will not be accepted at an NCT sale.

If you’re looking to sell your stuff at an NCT sale, here’s some pointers to follow.

What sells best?

Toys, baby equipment and large items sell well. Also, games, books and activities for preschool aged children are popular. Wooden toys sell particularly well, as do larger toys like toy garages, which are expensive to buy new. Medium sized items like dolls' pushchairs, ride-ons, and garden toys sell well too.

What should I not bother with?

Don’t rely on selling many baby/children's clothes as many low end brand’s clothing is priced so low nowadays, that there isn’t much market for second-hand clothes unless they’re designer.

Do I need to price everything?

Organisers advise that everything you have to sell should be priced.

How much does it cost to have a table?

Tables cost £15. Once you’ve paid, all the money you make on the day is yours. How well you do on the day depends on how well you prepare for the sale. It’s also important to get the message out that the sale is on. Let all your friends and family know about the sale.

What you need to know about selling pushchairs

Lables - must have a permanent label (usually on the frame or seat cover) stating compliance with British Standard 7409 or EN1888. The standard lays down requirements regarding the constructions, performance and labelling of prams and pushchairs. Machines must also have a label headed "Carelessness Causes Fire" which indicates that the fabric complies with flammability requirements.

Brakes - these should work and be able to stop a loaded machine on a slope. The tyres should also be examined as these can affect the performance of brakes.

Locking Devices - there should be two locking devices so that when the main lock is released, the secondary lock prevents the frame from collapsing.

Harness - a secure safety harness must be fitted.

General  - look for damage from wear and tear. Check to ensure that a child's fingers cannot be caught anywhere. The frame should be secure and free from sharp edges or exposed parts.

If you have a travel system, you will need to make a private arrangement with the buyer for the sale of the car seat. For example, you could attach an additional label with the details of the car seat and your contact details. The label must also state "The sale of the car seat will be a private arrangement, for which the NCT will not be responsible."

Hints and tips on selling at an NCT sale