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Affordable life insurance for mums

Get your FREE quote now and protect your family in 2 minutes.

Do you have life insurance to protect your children?

For soon-to-be mums planning for their little one’s arrival, it’s an exciting time of shopping and preparing. It may not feel like a natural time to think about life insurance, but it’s worth getting things in place for your peace of mind, just in case the worst should happen.  

It’s a sad but realistic fact that every 22 minutes a child loses a parent they depend on for everything, including financially. Did you know you can protect your little one’s financial future for as little as the cost of a few takeaway coffees a month? 

Since 2015, Polly has helped match over 500,000 mums with affordable life insurance cover, and it can be sorted in a matter of minutes.

Polly is a free service that takes into account what you can afford to pay. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and speak to an expert. Your advisor will explain all of the financial jargon and ensure you’re confident with all the small print, to get you up-and-running with cover as quickly as possible.

Here at Bounty, we celebrate all aspects of parenthood and we’re here to support you. That’s why we’re teaming up with Polly, to help raise awareness of the importance of having financial protection in place.

Polly is a safe and convenient service for parents to get free quotes for affordable life cover from qualified, FCA-approved insurers and brokers. Visit the Polly website, fill in their short form, and get your life insurance sorted today. 

* By clicking this link you will be redirected from the Bounty app to Polly's website. Any data you provide will be provided directly to Polly and will be processed in accordance with Polly's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Please visit their website for more information.

Affordable life insurance for mums