5 reasons to make the most of time in hospital after having a baby

There are some advantages to staying in hospital once you’ve had your baby, take a look

The positives of staying in hospital after giving birth

You may think that getting home as soon as possible after having your baby is what you want…but are you sure?

woman in hospital

Getting home after having your baby may seem the ideal once baby has made an appearance, but hang on, there are some benefits to staying in hospital, here are 5 reasons to enjoy your time in hospital.

1. On call support

Day or night, when you’re baby cries, or needs something, you have support all the time in staff on duty. That can make a huge difference when you’re in the early days of getting to know your baby’s needs.

2. The bed is your own

It may not be your own bed but getting the whole bed to yourself is something to enjoy while you can.

3. Room service

Your meals are bought to your bedside, now that’s something to lap up as it may not happen again for a while. And remember how good that tea and toast tasted after you gave birth? Heaven.

4. A peaceful shower

You can enjoy a leisurely shower and not have the stress of a toddler following you or the doorbell ringing the second you step into the shower.

5. Holiday from household routines

Enjoy not having to do any chores, no cleaning, washing up, laundry. There will be plenty when you get back home, so make the most of the break while you can.

5 reasons to make the most of time in hospital after having a baby