Top ideas for easy everyday exercise during pregnancy

Trainers at the ready...

But we don’t mean feeling the burn – all you need is light exercise every day.

Keeping active during your pregnancy can boost your health and help your unborn baby develop better too.


Why not monitor your activity levels - you’ll be surprised how quickly it all adds up! 

A walk in the park

Walking is the foundation of pregnancy fitness - and if you are not used to exercising, a simple stroll is the perfect place to start.

Seven ideas for everyday exercise

Getting enough exercise can be as simple as making many small but impactful changes to your everyday life: 

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift 
  • Walk instead of taking the bus - or get off a stop early
  • Pop to the shops on foot, or take a stroll through the park – it all counts!
  • If you have other children, walk them to school or playgroup
  • Take the dog for an extra walk – make someone very happy!
  • Do some gardening – even weeding is great exercise
  • Put on your favourite tunes and have a good old bop.

Top ideas for easy everyday exercise during pregnancy