Ten great reasons to exercise during pregnancy

Keeping you and your baby healthy during pregnancy

Being fit and active during pregnancy can bring heaps of wonderful benefits, from an easier labour and restful sleep, to better bladder control.

And it’ll make you feel pretty chipper too.

Exercise won’t hurt your baby, as long as you do it safely and avoid risky sports

And we’re not talking triathlons or extreme sports - just a spot of everyday exercise will make a big difference.

These 10 bloomin great benefits show you just how much it helps!

  1. Fit for the future – if you’re stronger and fitter, you’ll find it easier to cope with your changing shape and natural weight gain.
  2. Ace that labour – exercising now will help you cope better with that whole labour thing.
  3. Bounce back – staying toned will help you get back into shape after the birth.
  4. Ease anxiety – exercise is a well known remedy for anxiety.
  5. Sleep tight – getting moving during the day can help you tackle that well known ‘pregnancy insomnia’.
  6. Mood booster – exercise is great for warding off depression and boosting wellbeing.
  7. Ease the pressure - being active may reduce swelling in those hands and feet, and help ward off varicose veins too.
  8. Avoid complications – managing your weight gain reduces the chances of developing high blood pressure or gestational diabetes.
  9. Better bladder control – annoyingly, labour does your pelvic floor no favours at all! So if you want to be able to laugh, cough and jump without weeing a bit, start building those muscles now!
  10. Ease backache – tailored pregnancy exercises can help you carry the extra weight of pregnancy, as well as making your joints stronger, improving circulation and easing backache.

Ten great reasons to exercise during pregnancy