5 easy tips that may help labour go smoother

Simple things to try to help ease you through labour

5 tips that may help you in labour

Anything that can help ease labour is worth a go, try these easy tips

couple writing birth plan

Labour by the nature of the name is not easy. The end result is worth every second, but there’s no doubt anything that can help ease labour is worth a go.
So we’ve rounded up some top tips from mothers who’ve been through it and share their secrets.

1. Create a birth plan for your partner

As helpful as it can be to create a birth plan for yourself, it can be even more helpful to create one for your other half. Just a few tips/suggestions you might not be able to share once you’re in the throes of labour that may help you feel he’s a help rather than a hindrance.  Whether it be a list of your favourite songs he could put together for you, or a suggestions of snacks you may fancy when it’s all over. It may also help him feel helpful.

2. Don’t set your heart on your birth plan

As good as it is to have a plan in place for the type of birth you prefer, whether a water birth or drug free, keep your mind open that things can change and your plan may go out the window. Don’t dwell on how your labour went, just concentrate on your beautiful new arrival.

3. Do your homework

It’s worth looking into all the pain relief options available, even if you have a preconceived idea about some of the options out there, reading up and talking to your midwife may help dispel some myths you may have heard.

4. Get some holistic help

Many mums swear by some holistic treatments leading up to labour to help prepare for the birth and it can really help you learn to control your breathing which can help you in labour.

5. Treat every contraction as a step closer to your baby’s arrival

As you get through each contraction, try and focus your mind on the fact that getting through that contraction has brought you a step closer to your baby making his first appearance in the world.

5 easy tips that may help labour go smoother