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Pregnancy insomnia and how to beat it

There are some things you can try

Ways to beat pregnancy insomnia

Struggling to sleep during pregnancy? These tips may help

At a glance

  • Keep your room cool
  • No caffeine up to 4 hours before bed
  • Keep your bedroom dark

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You crave sleep all day, but when you climb into bed, you just can't drop off, sound familiar?

Here are some tips to improve your ‘sleep hygiene' and help you sink blissfully into that lovely land of slumber.

  1. Get comfy - make sure your mattress and pillow are supportive and comfortable, and find the best sleep positions for your bump.
  2. Dodge caffeine - stop drinking tea, coffee or cola drinks four hours before bed.
  3. Wind down - ask about relaxation techniques at your antenatal class. And try a warm bath an hour before you go to bed - the change in body temperature helps sleep.
  4. Create a snuggly bedtime routine - like taking a warm bath and downing a warm, milky drink. Soon your body will associate these activities with sleep and the routine will make you feel gorgeously drowsy.

  1. No screens before bed - some experts believe the blue light they emit keeps you awake.
  2. Dark and drowsy - you'll sleep better in a dark room, so dig out those heavy curtains or grab an eye mask.
  3. Sleep snacks - avoid heavy meals late at night, and nibble on a snack containing tryptophan, a natural sleep-promoting amino acid. Turkey, banana and fish are great sources.
  4. Sleep pod - only use the bedroom for sleeping and sex, so no phone calls, TV, eating or working. Teach your body that bedroom equals sleep!
  5. And finally, don't worry - lack of sleep won't harm your baby. Why not go to another room and do something else for a while, like reading? Ignore the clock - ignorance is bliss. Or if your mind's racing, jot down a list of your worries - then forget about it till morning.

At a glance

  • Keep your room cool
  • No caffeine up to 4 hours before bed
  • Keep your bedroom dark

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