Pregnancy and the commute

The lowdown on how to cope with commuting when pregnant

How to cope with commuting when pregnant

Tips to help you get through commuting during your pregnancy

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Commuting on public transport can be tough - especially when trains are delayed, carriages start heating up and you find yourself standing up. But with some careful planning, a creative approach and asking loudly for a seat, all can go smoothly.

Here’s our quick guide to making the daily commute work for you.


Ward off fatigue and dizziness by drinking regularly and eating natural, energy-giving foods (such as fruit and nuts). Keep nausea at bay with our top tips for managing morning sickness.

Pit stops

If you feel tired, find somewhere to sit and relax for a mo. Make it your mission to identify ideal pit-stop locations en-route.

Check out upgrades

Some train companies offer upgrades for mums-to-be. Check the detail though – many schemes come with all sorts of ridiculous restrictions.

Wear trainers

As your bump grows, your centre of gravity changes - so best avoid high heels for the commute. Just keep a few pairs of cool shoes under your desk.

Ask for a seat

While some hard-hearted people do defend their seats against all odds, it’s best to believe most commuters do want to help. Some simply don’t notice - or they’re worried about offering you a seat in case you’re not pregnant. It’s simply not fair for you to stand while others sit though, so do dig deep and ask for a seat. To make life easier, seek out the priority seating area and if you’re on the tube, you can always erase all doubt with a baby on board badge .

Work at home

If you can do your work remotely, why not ask about working a few days a week at home?

Chat to your boss

If this isn’t working, why not try and adjust your hours - some women find coming in an hour earlier or later makes for a far quieter journey.

Pregnancy and the commute