Pregnancy and your relationship: What you need to know

Pregnancy can put a strain on your relationship as a couple, try these helpful tips to ease that strain

5 ways to prep your relationship for your new baby

Pregnancy can cause a shift in your relationship, but these tips may help you get all on track in time for your new arrival

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After that first burst of initial excitement, many couples find their usual dynamic as a couple change during pregnancy. It’s common for couples to find themselves arguing more than they did before. And it’s no wonder – you’ve got some pretty major change on the way. Arguing is perfectly normal – all that matters is that you tackle the root cause and talk things over when you feel ready, so you’re both ready to welcome your baby to the world. 

Here are 5 ways that may help you to prep your relationship for parenthood.

Keep talking

If you feel concerned about welcoming a baby to the world, you’re certainly not alone – everything is about to change, from your work and financial situation, to your home life and holidays. The key is to really listen to each other. Don’t use conversations as an opportunity to get your point across, complain or win, (tempting though it is!) Listen to each other’s feelings and concerns, and discuss how you’ll deal with things together. 

Ask for help

If you’re feeling tired and emotional, tell your partner how you feel. And ask for help if you need it – even the most caring of partners may need some guidance!

Bolster your finances

Money can be a major cause of stress, so maximise your income. Not only will you get statutory maternity pay, while you’re on maternity leave, but the government may provide additional payments or credits. And check out this great budget planner from MoneyHelper.

Get busy in the bedroom

Sex always helps you feel closer, and there’s no need to stop during pregnancy – it’s perfectly safe. With raging hormones and new positions, you may even have your hottest sex ever! Just find the best pregnancy position for you, and you’re off. 

Need help?

If you need help communicating, organisations like Relate can help you get things back on track.

Pregnancy and your relationship: What you need to know