6 pregnancy positions to try

Why not try one, or more, of these sex positions during pregnancy

Positions to try for pregnancy sex

There’s no reason your sex life should stop now your pregnant, but it may be worth trying some new positions

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During pregnancy, the missionary position can get pretty uncomfortable – with the man on top, your bump soon gets in the way. So if you haven’t before, it’s time to get creative in the bedroom. With hormones surging and new positions in the mix, you may find it’s your hottest sex ever! 

Here are six positions for great pregnancy sex:

1. Edge of the bed – you lie or sit on the bed while your partner stands up, or kneels down 

2. Spoons – takes pressure off your bump, but it can feel awkward in later pregnancy 

3. Girl on top – this can feel great and you’re in control of the depth and angle of penetration too.

4. Lying sideways - this allows your partner to keep most of his weight off your bump 

5. From behind – it can be good for hitting that g-spot, but penetration can be quite deep so you may need to ask your partner to push gently.

6. Share the chair - try sitting on your partner's lap as he sits on a chair. (Just make sure it’s a very strong one.) Because you’re on top you can control penetration. 

Get creative

If this all feels a bit much, or you’ve been advised not to have sex, you may find masturbation or oral sex work better. 


While sex will often be the last thing on your mind during pregnancy, it’s worth seizing the moment when you are in the mood. It’s great for bonding during pregnancy and when the baby arrives too. 

6 pregnancy positions to try