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35 weeks pregnant

What to expect this week

What's happening in week 35

35 weeks pregnant

Week 35, and your baby looks just like a little newborn – and it's only a few weeks until you meet them!

At a glance

  • Your baby is now fully formed and gaining weight
  • Make sure your hospital bag is packed and cupboards are well stocked
  • Help get baby into position by moving around

How big is my baby at 35 weeks?

Your baby has only a few weeks left 'inside' and they are now almost ready for life outside the womb! They’ll probably weigh in at around 5.5lbs in week 35 and will be close to 50cm in length.

They will be doing lots of practise sucking movements ready to latch on for that first post-birth feed, and will be starting to move further down your pelvis ready for D-day. Don't be alarmed if you feel a little pain with the movements, this is normal as your baby grows stronger and has less room to move about, however if the pain is severe and lasts for a while be sure to talk to your midwife.

Your baby looks much the same as a newborn now, although they will get a little bit heavier before they are born. They currently have close to 15% fat on their body, but this will be closer to 30% by the time they’re born in a few weeks’ time.

You at 35 weeks pregnant

As only 5% of babies are born on their actual due date, you might already be wondering if every twitch and ache is a sign of impending labour! If your baby was to arrive now, they would still be considered moderately premature, but would most likely be absolutely fine with a little extra care. 

If your baby has not yet got themselves into the optimum position for birth (head down) you could try and give them a helping hand by doing a bit of moving around yourself! Some mums swear by spending time on all fours and wriggling their hips to encourage their baby to turn, while others gently bounce on a birthing ball to help get the pelvis to open. 

Scrubbing floors and sitting backwards on a seat – so your bump is towards the backrest – are also tried and tested methods for getting stubborn babies to be where they are supposed to be!

What to think about  in week 35

With just a few weeks left, your likely to be in full 'nesting' mode, intent on cleaning every part of the house from top to bottom in preperation for your new arrival. 

Now is a good time to make sure your hospital bag is good to go, that your freezer is full of lots of batch-baked meals, and the cupboards are well stocked. 

It's also a good idea to have all your important phone numbers – and by that we mean for the maternity unit, GP etc – noted somewhere accessible (and not just to you!). Make sure everyone knows what they should be doing once you go into labour – this is particularly important if you have other children to arrange childcare or school run picks up and drop offs for.

With your due date just weeks away you may be feeling as if everything is organised and ready for your newborn. The nursery is nearly done, the car seat has been out the box ready for fitting to bring your baby home and you may even have the pushchair assembled. You may now be thinking about those little finishing touches, pram and car seat toys are a great way to entertain your baby when out and about. Initially your newborn may not be interested, but they soon will be.

Choose something that it light and portable that comes with clips, clamps or ties. It’s also handy to choose anything made from fabric that can be washed, or wipe-cleaned.

Another great ‘first toy’ is a play/baby gym. A baby gym is somewhere you can place your baby, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be comfortable and stimulated. Babies love colourful and black and white colours and a  gym offers and is a great early learning tool to teach them how to reach out and grasp dangling toys.

Finally, we have to let you know about our free newborn portrait service. It really is as good as it sounds. Our photographers visit the maternity wards daily to offer all new mums a complimentary photo shoot, free gift, and free online announcement service. Be sure to take along a soft cuddly blanket and cute outfit to make the session perfect.

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At a glance

  • Your baby is now fully formed and gaining weight
  • Make sure your hospital bag is packed and cupboards are well stocked
  • Help get baby into position by moving around

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