Your guide to buying a baby changing bag

A changing bag is a treat for a new mum to buy, but remember to consider substance as well as style. We’ve shared our tips to help ensure you find the perfect bag

What you need in a baby changing bag

A changing bag is a mum essential, but what are the important things you need in a changing bag?

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Your other half is probably asking why, with hundreds of handbags to choose from, you’re now in the market to buy a baby changing bag. This bag will however will be a life saver for when you want to go out, allowing you to have all your things compartmentalised and hanging from your pram. With so many on the market it’s hard to choose which one would be right for you but we’ve got some tips to help you out.

What type of baby changing bag should I buy? 

A changing bag is usually a treat for a new mum to buy, but when you’re looking remember to consider substance as well as style. Before you even start to look around for one, have a think about your lifestyle to decide what you need. For example, will it need to be unisex? Would you prefer a shoulder-bag style that you’ll be able to hang off your pram, or actually does a backpack suit your needs better? Whichever style of bag you prefer, it’s critical that it is spacious and easy to carry. We use the word spacious quite carefully too - too big and it will be bulk to carry and it can actually make it difficult to find things you want. Rummaging through the deepest depths of your new bag to find what you want isn’t helpful for a new mum or dad!

What are the essentials for a baby changing bag?

There are a lot of bags out there ranging from quite basic to deluxe. No matter what type you go for these are the things we think every mum should look for in a bag to ensure it’s useful:

Make sure it’s easy to wash: things are going to get quite messy inside your bag so being able to wash or wipe it clean easily is important to ensure it’s going to last.
Pockets and compartments are key: this will help you keep things separate and so in theory easier to find. It’s even better if the inside pockets are made from see-through or mesh type material so you can spot the items you need without rummaging as we guarantee you’ll forget which pocket or compartment you’ve allocated for what!

Thick, adjustable straps: A padded shoulder strap fitted to your height will ensure it’s easy to carry as the last thing you want is sore shoulders when carrying your bag around. Thicker straps has the added bonus that you’ll probably be able to hang the bag off your pram when you’re out and about and so don’t need to carry it. 
If you have all of the above you’re heading in the right direction but keep a look-out for bags with the following extras to make your life just that little bit easier:

An insulated bottle holder: This will help you keep food or bottles of milk at the right temperature.

Detachable changing mat: This will be a lifesaver if you need to change your baby on the go and there are no facilities available.

Pushchair fasteners: Although a thick, adjustable strap should allow you to keep your bag on your pushchair, some bags come with pushchair fasteners to make it even easier, and if you really want to go the extra mile you can get a bag that matches your pushchair - that’s a stylish baby in the making!

What do I need to carry in my baby bag?

So you now know which type of bag you’ll need to suit your lifestyle and what extras are available to help make your life a bit easier when you’re out and about with your baby. But what do you exactly need in it? 

Here’s our go-to list:

Essentials - nappies (one for every hour you’re out and one extra), baby wipes, a changing mat (your bag may have one already), a set of spare clothes, a bottle of milk and a blanket to use when breastfeeding.

Nice to haves - hand sanitiser, extra top for you just in case, sunscreen or woollens and if you’re baby is a bit older a few toys, snacks and a dummy or teething ring.

We hope you find the perfect bag for you!

Your guide to buying a baby changing bag