Teething Products

Products to help ease their discomfort

Some parents swear by a particular teething product or medicine

This guide will help you find out which will work best for you.


Teething gels

When buying a teething gel make sure you choose one that is suitable for babies. Ask your pharmacist or GP for advice and always follow the instructions that come with any medicines.

Baby teething gels usually contain a mild analgesic which can temporarily ease or numb the area.  Some also have gentle antiseptic properties, which can help prevent infections in broken skin.  A few babies are allergic to teething gels, so look out for any reactions.

It is best not to use these just before a feed, as they can numb your baby’s mouth, making it hard to feed. If you are breastfeeding they can also numb the skin around the nipples, which can interfere with feeding.

Teething granules, powders and oral solutions

Many parents recommend homeopathic teething granules and oral solutions, which can be poured directly into babies’ mouths.  Be aware that some of these contain lactose or other forms of sugar that can contribute to tooth decay.  So check the ingredients and use sparingly if your baby already has any teeth, so as not to be constantly coating them in anything sugar-based. 

Infant paracetamol

If nothing seems to be working and your child is in pain you could try using infant paracetamol. Remember that ear infections and other viral or bacterial infections are sometimes confused with teething symptoms. So if your baby seems unwell, has a high temperature, or if you have any doubts at all, speak to your doctor.

Always use medicine suitable for your baby’s age and never exceed the dose stated on the bottle.

Dentist Natasha Roberts says: “It’s fine to use paracetamol-based children’s medication but if you are not happy to use medication there are many teething gels and powders on the market. There are also many natural aids to teething available”.

Find out more about suitable Baby medicines here.

Have you found a teething product which works wonders or would you like to hear other parents’ success stories?  Learn, support and share with your brilliant Bounty Community.  There are various techniques which you can use with or instead of medicines to comfort your teething baby.  And check out our baby tooth care tips for keeping those new gnashers perfect.

If nothing seems to be working and your child is in pain you could try using infant paracetamol

Teething Products