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How to comfort your teething baby

Teething solutions and easing teething pain

There’s a wealth of teething solutions and products on the market. Working in partnership with the tooth fairies, we have put together comforting techniques to turn frowns into toothy smiles.

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Teething will affect babies differently, but it’s common for your little one to experience signs of discomfort and pain as the first few teeth starting coming through. If your baby is showing signs of teething either with discomfort of pain, there are a number of different teething solutions you can try to help comfort them:

Gum Massaging

Gently but firmly massaging your baby’s gums with a clean finger can often help.  This may initially be uncomfortable but as you continue your baby should relax and this should ease teething discomfort.

Teething rings

Some parents find that putting a teething ring in the fridge for a few hours beforehand helps relieve discomfort. Do not freeze them though, as this would make them too hard and could damage little gums.

The best kinds are silicone-based rather than liquid, as the liquid-filled variety have been known to leak. They also cannot be sterilised, making them less suitable for younger babies.

Barrier Cream

Some babies develop a rash on their chins from increased dribbling during teething. If this is the case you could try using a gentle barrier cream on the area to help prevent the skin from becoming sore and uncomfortable.

Using bibs to mop-up excess dribble will ensure that baby’s clothes stay dry and warm.


If your baby has started on solids you could try giving them an unsweetened teething rusk or a piece of raw carrot or apple.  As always when babies are chewing or eating, keep a close eye on them to minimise choking risk.


A little extra comfort in the form of cuddles, stories, singing and playing also goes a long way if your little one is feeling off-colour due to teething. They may be particularly clingy around this time and will love a bit of extra TLC.

Unsure about whether your baby has started teething yet?  Check out our guide to teething signs and symptoms.  If those tiny pearly whites have made an appearance, find out how you can best look after them with our guide to caring for baby teeth.

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At a glance

  • Overview of teething solution
  • Comforting your baby
I found cutting carrots into sticks and chilling them was fab for teething

Teething Solutions