The best baby teething toys around

Our choice of the top five teethers around for your baby

Teething toys to help your little one through

Want to know what teething toys really work? Take a look at these

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The Lowdown

Once your baby starts to cut their first tooth, you’ll need to invest in a teether so they can chew and self-soothe. They are usually made from smooth plastic, and designed so that they can be easily held by small hands.

What to look for

Ideally a teether should have lots of differently textured surfaces so babies can find the best place to chew to alleviate a particular ache. Some have water inside which can be cooled for extra pain relief. You can buy a very basic teether for a couple of pounds, or choose something a bit whizzier with sounds and other features for around a tenner.

Teether and teething gel applicator 250

1. Teether and teething gel applicator, Matchstick Monkey, £9.99
This super-cute monkey is available in eight different candy-coloured shades, and is not just a teether, as it can be used to apply teething gel to your child’s sore gums. They can get a good grip by holding onto the monkey’s arms, and the textured head means that it works as a training toothbrush, too.

Chill 'N' Teethe Teether, Bright Starts 250

2. Chill 'N' Teethe Teether, Bright Starts, £3.49 (for 3 pack)
As you get three assorted teethers in one pack, this represents a  really good value option, and also means that you’ll always have one to hand if you need to sterilise or cool another one in the fridge. Each teether is filled with water that can chilled to soothe sore gums and the easy-to-grasp shapes help with motor skills, too.

Original teether, Sophie La Girafe 250

3. Original teether, Sophie La Girafe, £10.99
Sophie needs no introduction to many parents, as she has been a well-loved toy for years. This classic version is made from soft, natural rubber that gently squeaks as your baby chews. Containing no PVC or other chemicals nasties, she’s safe to use from newborn and makes an ideal gift for newborns.

Bug-a-lug teether, Nuby 250

4. Bug-a-lug teether, Nuby, £4.99
An award-winning teether that has been cleverly designed with a variety of different surfaces, perfect for massaging and soothing sore teeth and gums. Suitable from three months old, it's completely BPA free and the circular shape is easy for tiny hands to hold.

Caterpillar teether Vtech 250

5. Caterpillar teether, Vtech, £9.99 
Not just a teether, this caterpillar is an exciting interactive toy too, that plays different songs, sounds, phrases and music to entertain, and best of all, you can put the apple-shaped portion into the fridge for a deliciously cool treat for sore gums.

The best baby teething toys around