Baby Monitor 3G: The app that might mean you don’t need a baby monitor

If you’ve got two devices then you’ve got a baby monitor with this app

Baby Monitor 3G: The multiplatform baby monitor

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Baby Monitor 3G

Here’s what parents think of the Baby Monitor 3G app:

Great app 5* – Mar 25, 2019
‘Have been using this for a couple of years now, it’s superb! Allows one of us to work in the study without having to worry about listening out for the kids when the other parent is out.’

Must Have Parents App 5* - Mar 22, 2019
‘Best way enjoying a dinner once a while and knowing you can watch over your lovely baby at any time – great App!’

Super nice app! 5* – Mar 17, 2019
‘Works like a charm :)’

Baby Monitor 3G is a universal video and audio baby monitor downloaded straight to your phone, tablet, or computer. You need two devices (eg. Two phones) one for the baby and one for the parent. You link them up and they function like your usual baby monitor. It enables you to hear noise, stream live video, and soothe your little one remotely and works with an unlimited reach (WIFI, 3G, LTE).

So if you’ve got some spare devices laying around the house, give this app a go at alerting you when your child needs you.
Key features of the Baby Monitor 3G app:

  • Works with all devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Watch
  • Easy to use and set up – in less than a minute
  • Live HD video anywhere 
  • Unlimited reach - over WiFi, LTE, 3G
  • Enhanced baby activity log
  • Lullabies to soothe your baby
  • Talk to your baby with your voice
  • Adjustable night light
  • Discreet vibration alert
  • Comes in 13 language choices

The app requires two devices. One device stays in your little one’s room, while the other one stays with you. Initial setup takes less than 30 seconds.
Baby Monitor 3G transfers live HD video from the child´s room to you over both WiFi and cellular connection. To save data, you can switch to lower quality or to still photos.

The monitor allows you to check how often your baby wakes, helps you understand your baby’s sleeping patterns and replays sounds from current or any previous monitoring.

It has a night mode so you can comfortably check your phone placed on the nightstand even during the night without any unnecessary distraction.

*Based on App Store rating of 4.8 (May 2019)
(Google Play Store rating: 4.3, May 2019)

Baby Monitor 3G: The app that might mean you don’t need a baby monitor