FreeMind: Making meditation easy

Meditation can be a helpful tool for new mums and mums-to-be. FreeMind is here to help take you to a place that's all about you, in minutes

Find calm through meditation with FreeMind

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Here’s what mums think of FreeMind:

Restorative and Rejuvenating
“The music is both calming and invigorating. I find inner healing from these journeys. It's empowering stuff!”

Peace. Power. Purpose. Perfect!
“The free mind recordings are versatile, gentle and life changing. I’m recommending them to everybody!”

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As a mum-to-be or new mum, you’re bound to feel a little apprehensive and sometimes worn-out with this exciting new journey you’re on. Surprisingly, a few minutes of mindful meditation is a great, safe and natural way to help relax, recharge yourself and look after your own wellbeing. We also have a collection of meditations that can specifically help you with your parenting journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

FreeMind is a powerful meditation and mindfulness app, dedicated to making meditation easy, engaging and enjoyable. Its basic training is completely free and it will teach you a huge amount about meditation, mindfulness and how to create and enjoy an amazing life balance in your busy world.

Learning mindfulness meditation needn’t take up much of your day. It’s actually very simple and a few minutes every day really can make such a difference.

The FreeMind app gives you: 

  • Basic training gives you a solid grounding into meditation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Two free meditations perfect for pregnancy. Tap Purpose, Collections and then Pregnancy to listen to 'Positivity' and 'Surrender' meditations.
  • Daily meditations (ranging from 5 - 25 minutes to fit in with your busy life) focused on enhancing your natural levels of peace, power and purpose.
  • Meditation topics range from managing stress, changing habits and being healthier.
  • Meditation options with or without guidance, and with or without music.

Make time for you with FreeMind. Free to download on iOS and Android. Listen to the free meditations, or choose to unlock all meditations and new daily meditations.

* App Store: 5 and Google Play Store: 5 (July 2019)

FreeMind: Making meditation easy