Celebrity surnames that make great baby names

Give a nod to your fave celeb and your little one a cool baby name!

We all like a celebrity – whether it’s because they can act/sing/rap etc or just because we have a secret style crush on them.

And what better way to mark this appreciation, than with a baby name that gives a nod to your fave celeb.

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However, why not give this idea a unique twist and choose a celebrity surname as a first name?

It’s subtle and you can guarantee your little one will stand out from the baby name crowd too!

Here’s our top ten celebrity surnames as baby first names.

1. Jagger – Because you can’t get more rock ‘n’ roll than Mick and the Rolling Stones
2. Cruz – A fave name for the Beckhams and the surname of actress Penelope
3. Bale – Batman fans will love this moniker…
4. Marley – You can’t get more iconic than Bob and this name is perfect for boys and girls
5. Lennon – Beatle fan? Give a nod to John
6. Hendrix – After the iconic Jimi
7. Monroe – Need we explain this one, which is perfect for a baby girl
8. Hepburn – Give a nod to this iconic film star. It’s perfect for a unique baby girl's name
9. Chanel - We love this fashionable name for a little girl
10. Ora - Want something a bit more modern? You can't go wrong with Rita's surname 

Celebrity surnames that make great baby names