Kate and William call their princess Charlotte

But what does it mean and how popular is the name?

It’s the moment after the first moment we were waiting for...

Kate and William have finally announced the name of their little princess, giving her the moniker Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Royal baby

The middle names give a nod to William’s grandmother and mother, while Charlotte – which was tipped as the baby name of choice – has long been a name used in Royal circles.

It’s the female form of Charles and was popular back in the 18th century when it was the name of George the third’s wife.

And the name, which means petite and feminine, also bears roots from Kate’s family with Charlotte being her sister’s middle name.

However, when we checked  the millions of names given to Bounty members own princes and princesses we found that Charlotte only came in at number nine in the top twenty girls sibling names to George over the past five years.

And that’s not where our baby name info ends because we’ve been doing lots of research here at Bounty.

In 2014 963 Bounty mums called their little girl Charlotte, but the name has been losing popularity.

In the last five years it went from 24th place to number 26 and in 2006 there was 1730 born!

The most popular postcode to use Charlotte as a name was WA10 (Warrington) with 6 out of 147 girls there (4 percent) BT (Belfast) and CH (Chester) also had 30 Charlotte’s apiece!

And it seems the name is also a popular choice for the famous. Chelsea Clinton called her daughter Charlotte as did James Bond actor Piers Brosnan. The name was also the choice for Harry Connnick Jnr and Sigourney Weaver!

The little princess will also share her name with novelist Charlotte Brontë, the spider in Charlotte's Web and our fave so far – the character in Sex and the City.

Oh, and one last thing – just in case William and Kate do decide have a third…

The top sibling names of Charlotte since 2010 include,


  1. Thomas                         
  2. James                               
  3. William                             
  4. Oliver                                
  5. Harry                               
  6. Jack                               
  7. Samuel                               
  8. Daniel                                
  9. Benjamin                      
  10. George                            



  1. Emily                               
  2. Sophie                                
  3. Jessica                               
  4. Amelia                               
  5. Lucy                                   
  6. Olivia                                 
  7. Hannah                          
  8. Chloe                              
  9. Isabelle                      
  10. Isabella                      



Kate and William call their princess Charlotte