From Zara Philips to Laura Linney...

Celebrity baby names for arrivals in February 2014

From a Royal Mia to traditional Amelia

Needing inspiration? We share the cutest celeb baby names this month

Birth news!

  • The 17th January saw the arrival of another royal baby when Zara Philips and her husband, Mike Tindall announced the birth of their baby girl. Breaking with royal tradition they chose the modern sounding Mia Grace – which was announced in a very modern way on Twitter. Her name defies bookies’ expectations that she would be given a more 'traditional' moniker like Elizabeth or Anne.
  • The Big C actress, Laura Linney surprised everyone when she announced the arrival of her first child on 8th January – as she had somehow managed to keep her pregnancy a secret! The actress, who turns 50 next month, and her husband have chosen to name their baby boy Bennet Armistead Schauer.
  • Peter Andre and his fiancée, Emily MacDonagh have announced they have called their newborn daughter Amelia – after taking a month to decide! The doting dad added that they had started off by calling her 'baby' and then tried out Rose but it didn't fit: "We both sat around with Junior and Princess and decided on the name. Three picked Amelia and one picked Isabella."

Due any day

Campaigner, Katie Piper, is due to welcome her first child in just a few weeks and whilst she’s all prepared at home has confessed she hasn't yet decided on a baby name commenting: "I think I'll wait to meet her and see what her personality is like. But probably something traditional I think."

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From Zara Philips to Laura Linney...