The most popular baby names around the world

Find out what the top boys names and girls names are across the globe

Boys’ and girls’ names that are topping the charts across the globe

Find out the most popular names given to babies in countries around the world

Names from around the world

Latest figures from our Bounty mums confirm that Oliver is still the most popular name given to boys in the UK and its female form Olivia is still top of the name choices for girls. The name is an ancient term for an olive tree.

But what names top the charts outside of the UK? We take a look at the most popular names given to girls and boys around the world.

Northern Ireland

Most popular boy’s name: James
Most popular girl’s name: Emily

The names Jack and Daniel are the next most popular boys’ names in Northern Ireland and Grace and Olivia for girls.

The United States

Most popular boy’s name: Liam
Most popular girl’s name: Emma

Noah and William are hot on the heels of Liam while Olivia and Ava follow Emma as the next most popular girls’ names in the US.

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Most popular boy’s name: Benjamin
Most popular girl’s name: Olivia


Most popular boy’s name: Oliver
Most popular girl’s name: Charlotte

Perhaps the choice of name for William and Kate’s daughter has inspired the rise in choice of Charlotte for girls over in Oz.

New Zealand

Most popular boy’s name: Oliver
Most popular girl’s name: Charlotte

New Zealand mirror Australia in their top choices for boys and girls name although Jack and Noah are the close second and third for boys and Harper and Isla for girls. More Beckham fans in New Zealand than Australia perhaps?


Most popular boy’s name: Gabriel
Most popular girl’s name: Louise

Raphael and Jules followed for boys and Emma and Jade came in second and third for girls. A little unknown fact about name choices in France is that in 1991 there was a surge in the amount of boys named Kevin. It is said to be a result of the Hollywood films Home Alone (with Macauley Culkin playing the character Kevin McAllister) and Dances with Wolves (starring Hollywood A-Lister Kevin Costner), the name did not stand the test of time as it disappeared in popularity as quickly as it rose.


Most popular boy’s name: Hugo
Most popular girl’s name: Lucia

Spain appear to be sticking the traditional national names with Lucia deriving from Latin roots meaning ‘light’ and often given to girls born at dawn and similarly Hugo which means ‘bright in mind and spirit.’


Most popular boy’s name: Francesco
Most popular girl’s name: Sofia

Closely following Francesco as popular choices for boys in Italy are Alessandro and Leonardo. In second and third place for girls are Aurora and Giulia.


Most popular boy’s name: Noah
Most popular girl’s name: Sofia


Most popular boy’s name: Jakob
Most popular girl’s name: Sofie


Most popular boy’s name: William
Most popular girl’s name: Alice


Most popular boy’s name: Alexander
Most popular girl’s name: Emilia


Most popular boy’s name: Jose
Most popular girl’s name: Maria


Most popular boy’s name: Jose
Most popular girl’s name: Maria

Mirroring the popular choices in Brazil, Jose and Maria top the popularity stakes in Mexico too.

South Africa

Most popular boy’s name: Junior
Most popular girl’s name: Precious

Deriving from the Latin meaning ‘younger’, Junior can also mean ‘Blessing and Gift.’ For girl’s names the country’s top 3 choices are Precious, Princess and Amahle (meaning beautiful, prettiest ones).


Most popular boy’s name: Wei
Most popular girl’s name: Li

The family name precedes the given name in China and almost 85% of the population share roughly 100 surnames. But when it comes to chosen first names, Wei (meaning ‘big, great’) for boys and Li (meaning pretty, graceful’) for girls top the list.


Most popular boy’s name: Hiroshi
Most popular girl’s name: Nozomi

The top girl’s name in Japan, Nozomi means ‘heart of hope and is closely followed by Kokoro which means ‘blossoms of the heart; and Emika meaning ‘blossoming flower’. For boy’s the most popular name Hiroshi which means ‘honesty and integrity’.


Most popular boy’s name: Do Yoon
Most popular girl’s name: Ha Yoon

Similar to China first names are placed after surnames. 


Most popular boy’s name: Alexander
Most popular girl’s name: Sofia

Traditional names dominate Russia’s top name choices for boys and girls with Alexander and Sofia topping the polls with Ivan following closely behind for boy’s names and Daria for girls.

The Middle East

Because the Middle East is made up of so many different countries with varying cultures, there are a lots of great names to choose from the region.  Favourite Middle-Eastern monikers for little ones include:

Popular boy’s names: Ali, Ahmed, Hussein, Mohammed, Nasir, Reza, Zaki 
Popular girl’s names: Ayesha, Fatemeh, Layla, Mariam, Tamar, Zahra


Most popular boy’s name: Mohammed
Most popular girl’s name: Saanvi

Mohammed once again appears as the top name given to boys in India with Saanvi (meaning ‘goddess’) topping the charts for girls.

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