Gender neutral baby names for boys and girls

Who says there are baby boys names and girls names exclusively? Not us, take a look at these names that work for both sexes

10 baby names perfect for boys and girls

10 baby boys’ names that work just as well for baby girls too


Gender-neutralising names have been big in celebrity circles for quite some time - think Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively (who called her daughter James) - and us mere mortals are catching on to the trend.

Why should we be restricted to ‘girly’ names when there are some fantastic traditionally male ones out there which make a perfect unisex option for your baby. 

Pigeonholing is a thing of the past, the bar is set high and the boundaries have changed. 

If you are thinking outside the box for the perfect baby name and love the thought of a gender neutral name for your new arrival, take a look at our top ten favorites below.

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1. Dylan

2. Blake

3. Bailey

4. Cameron

5. Reese

6. Taylor

7. Frankie

8. Jordan

9. Parker

10. Addison


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