What a pregnant woman with morning sickness doesn’t want to hear

If you've got morning sickness, hold your ears if anyone says any of the below...

What not to say to a woman with morning sickness

If you're suffering with morning sickness, the below conversations are best avoided

Pregnant woman with morning sickness

Morning sickness is awful and sometimes it lasts way into the afternoon/evening. If you know someone suffering from it, be careful of what you say.

1. A dry cracker or ginger biscuit will sort you out

People mean well but sometimes nothing eases that awful queasiness. Don’t assume you have a remedy, she’s probably already tried it.

2. It will only last for a few weeks

Not always. Morning sickness does tend to ease as the pregnancy progresses but sometimes can continue for the entire nine months. Severe morning sickness (medical term is ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’ - as suffered by the Duchess of Cambridge) can be very debilitating.

3. I know someone who was sick for the entire pregnancy

Yes, we all know someone (see point 2) but this is about as helpful and wanted as telling her the sickness will only last for a few weeks.

4. Ah won’t it be worth it in the end?

Yes, but it’s not helpful to point it out. It doesn’t make her feel any less sick today thinking about being less nauseous tomorrow.

5. It could be worse, you could be really ill

Don’t go there. There is always someone worse off, it doesn’t mean what she is experiencing isn’t any less real or horrible.

6. Morning sickness is a sign the baby will be healthy

Mums-to-be don’t need to be told they should be grateful for feeling sick - everyone wants a healthy baby but it doesn’t stop them feeling like crap!

7. You don’t look sick

Well, she feels it so saying she looks healthy is also unhelpful.

8. It’s a sign you’re having a girl

She is aware that there’s a 50% chance of having a girl, regardless of morning sickness! 

9. You need to eat or the baby won’t grow properly

Sometimes it’s better not to eat - or at least stick to small amounts - than to force food down and throw it all back up. A pregnant woman knows her body and if she can’t face her food, then don’t freak her out unnecessarily by making her think she is causing harm to the baby.

What a pregnant woman with morning sickness doesn’t want to hear