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Tips to make a great birth partner

Be sure your birth partner knows how to help you through your labour

Tips on how to be a great partner

Following these few tips will ensure you do the best job as a birth partner that you can

Birth partner: What you need to know

  • Tips your birth partner needs to help you through labour

Pregnant woman with hands on bump and partners hands

If you’re due to give birth any day soon, you are likely to have already chosen your birth partner whether it’s your partner or mum, or even a friend, we have some helpful tips for them on how they can really help you in labour.

1. To know what you like

The biggest advantage your birth partner has is that they know you, and they know you well. Little things like ensuring when you get a cup of tea it is exactly how you like it can make all the difference. Getting you your favourite treats can all help you get through your labour.

2. Take on your voice

You may not normally want anyone to speak for you, but in labour it can be a great help as you will be far too busy giving birth to your baby to deal with anything else. Be sure your birth partner knows what you feel strongly about so should you find it hard to say what is you want or don’t want, your partner can do it for you. On this occasion only of course.

3. Comfort is the key

You will need lots of comfort in labour. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, giving birth is tough and having someone there who can help to comfort and relax you through it all, will make such a difference.

4. Information is key

If there’s one thing we know about giving birth it is that it’s unpredictable. It doesn’t matter how much you plan, the birth will go how the birth goes so it’s important your partner understands all the possible scenarios that could occur from an assisted delivery to a Caesarean and how you feel about the options so he/she can help you get as close to the birth you want as possible.

5. Time to step up

Once the baby is born, your birth partner’s job is not over. It is often the wish of the mother that her birth partner cuts the cord, this is a special moment, although can be quite daunting for some, so make sure your birth partner knows what to expect. It can also be nice for your birth partner to hold the baby for the first time…a precious moment for both.

Birth partner: What you need to know

  • Tips your birth partner needs to help you through labour

Tips to make a great birth partner