The things that enter your head during labour

The real thoughts that didn’t get listed in the birth plan

5 real thoughts that go through your head in labour

Labour can have you thinking allsorts, like these…

5 things…

  • That go through your mind during labour

Woman in labour with birth partner

Giving birth is one of the most natural things in the world, when everything goes according to your birth plan of course. You sat and wrote birth plan to include all your dos and don’ts for labour. Let’s face it, the dim, calm lighting, tranquil music and your other half calmly rubbing your back is not usually the way it pans out.

In fact, some of the things you find yourself thinking and even saying during labour would never have appeared on the birth plan. 

Take a look at some of these classics

1. ‘I can breathe through this pain’

The early stages of labour when you are confident you will be able to breathe your way through the pain of labour and will have no need for any drugs, this can change later on!

2. ‘A baby is coming out of me RIGHT NOW!’

An obvious but real thought as you get into the final stage of labour and doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read, the reality can be quite shocking.

3. ‘If my other half says ‘sshhh’ one more time, we’re over!’

As helpful as your partner may be as a birth partner, there will be moments where you actually want to hit him, and if he ‘sshhs’ you in labour, that may be the moment.

4. ‘I really think I’m going to poo myself’

The thought of it before labour will have you cringing but in labour you may well find you don’t even care if it happens.

5. ‘My sex life is over’

After witnessing first hand the reality of birth, you may convince yourself you and your partner will never have sex again after the birth, ever.

5 things…

  • That go through your mind during labour

The things that enter your head during labour