‘If one more person says be calm…’

…and other things that went through your head during labour

10 thoughts you probably had during labour

What went through your head?

10 thoughts

  • …going go through your head during labour

Woman in labour

We all have an idea of what we want our birth to be like, how we’ll cope in labour, what drugs we might ask for but we also know, until it’s upon us, we don’t really know how we’ll cope and what will go through our heads and come out of our mouths.

Here are some classic thoughts during labour you may identify with.

1. “I’m sure if I concentrate on breathing, I will survive this pain.”

2. “I thought I would be embarrassed but I don’t care who is in here and who can see what, just help this pain go away!”

3. “If one more person says something stupid like ‘calm down’ I will kill them.”

4. “Oh my god, I’m actually having a baby, now!”

5. “I wish my mum was here.”

6. “I really hope I don’t poo myself.”

7. “I swear this is the longest labour there has ever been.”

8. “This baby is stuck, it will never come out of me.”

9. “Well that’s our love life over, he’ll never come near me again after seeing this.”

10.“I am never, ever going through this, ever again.”

Whatever goes through your mind at the height of labour, the minute you see your baby for the first time, all those thoughts will be long gone.

10 thoughts

  • …going go through your head during labour

‘If one more person says be calm…’