Five rules to follow if posting about a friend’s baby

The social etiquette of sharing baby news on social media

The rules on posting about a friend’s baby

Follow these rules when sharing baby news on social media

Posting about a friend’s baby

  • The rules you need to follow

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It’s so exciting when a family member or good friend is having a baby and you can’t wait to find out whether it’s pink or blue and what baby name they have chosen. 

And you may feel the urge to share the exciting news with the world when they go into labour via social media but what is the social media etiquette when it comes to sharing other peoples’ news?  Here’s our checklist of the dos and don’ts surrounding sharing the exciting news.

1. For the parents: Plan how you want to share the news

I can see you all rolling your eyes, as if you don’t have enough to plan with the arrival of your new baby imminent, but it is worth a thought. Maybe just take a minute to think how you would like to share the news, a simple post stating your new baby is here. And worth thinking what you would hate to see, perhaps your first picture of you and your baby for all to see sprawled across Facebook. Do tell those close to you so they don’t end up posting something you’re not happy with.

2. Tips for the friends and family: Do not be first to post about someone’s birth

Sounds a tad obvious, but is an important one. However excited you are about the new baby, it’s a big no no to steal the parents’ thunder and post the news before they have. And never, ever real any information first like whether it’s a boy or girl or the chosen name.

3. Like but do not share

When the parents do share the news on Facebook, of course like and comment but think twice about sharing the post to your page obviously you will have friends the parents don’t know…may be worth checking with them first.

4. Text your congratulations

If you see a Facebook post by a family member or friend about someone’s birth before the parents have posted, don’t encourage it and like or comment. Better at that point to text the parents with your good wishes. 

5. Ask before posting your pictures

Who can resist taking photos of the gorgeous new arrival when you meet them for the first time? You may be tempted to go home and post your pictures on Facebook, but do be mindful to check with the parents that they are happy to do this.

Posting about a friend’s baby

  • The rules you need to follow

Five rules to follow if posting about a friend’s baby