The realities of birth you don’t get told

From good to bad, you need to know these truths

The untold truths about birth all mums need to know

Eight facts you need to know about giving birth

Untold truths

  • …about giving birth

Woman shocked in labour

You can attend all the classes, read all the books, be an avid watcher of One Born Every Minute and you still will never be fully prepared for the reality of birth. But don’t worry, we are here to fill in some of the gaps for you…

1. Nothing like One Born every Minute

Let’s clear this myth up straight away. If you’re a fan of the show, do remember, it is edited to show you 'highlights' and unfortunately your birth can’t be edited down to fit an hour show…sorry!

2. A confusing start

You may imagine you will know exactly when your labour is starting but it’s not always the case. That sudden waters breaking moment and heading straight into contractions doesn’t happen to all mums-to-be, in fact, it is more likely to be a slight trickle and random contractions at the start, just to confuse you. 

3. The pointless packing

You will probably spend a great deal of research, time and money on creating the ‘everything covered’ hospital bag. The reality: More than half of it will return home untouched.

4. Iconic toast and tea

This is not a myth. As a small reward you will be offered a cup of tea and slice of toast after you have given birth, and it will be the best cuppa and tastiest toast you’ve ever had!

5. Your first picture

Bounty will have a whole new meaning to you and we don't mean the coconut chocolate variety.

6. Time to go home

As elegant as that image is of the beautiful Kate leaving the Lindo Wing, waving at the crowd, that’s not what it will be like. You may find walking itself hard work when you leave, you may not have brushed your hair or managed to even locate any make up in the everything covered hospital bag, and you will be too preoccupied with battling to make sure that you have correctly secured your newborn into the car seat and most likely with a look of bewilderment ask how it is that the hospital can let you go home so soon!

7. Car seat straps, check, oh once more, and maybe again…

Did we mention that you will repeatedly check the straps 10 times more before you dare let your partner even start the engine.

8. It’s definitely love…

As you set the car seat down in the front room you and dad will look at each other and think, wow, we made that!

Untold truths

  • …about giving birth

The realities of birth you don’t get told