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Your baby’s star signs revealed… Aquarius

Baby horoscopes: What do the stars say about your Aquarius baby?

Baby star signs: Your Aquarius baby

Can baby astrology affect your baby’s developing personality?

Aquarius star sign

Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th)

The one thing you can expect from your Aquarius child is the unexpected. On the move a lot, Aquarius children are often highly intelligent and love to explore new places with a fearless attitude to everything.

Forgetfulness is a common trait in Aquarius children and so prepare to be frustrated by them for not doing something they’ve been asked to do as it’s simply disappeared from their dotty little mind.

Emotions can be highly changeable in Aquarians with a happy chilled child one minute then something upsets them, and bam, all hell breaks loose. A stubborn streak will rear its head from time to time but Aquarians are known for their empathy and they love the company of others.

You may notice your little Aquarian learns fast and picks things up well. They are often socially and intellectually smart and will always be full of surprises.

Do you recognise these traits in your Aquarius baby?

Qualities: Intelligent, stubborn, individual, changeable, boisterous, charming

Parenting tip:
Encourage your little Aquarian to see a job through to the end to help teach them staying power.

Zodiac health hotspots*: Rules the lower legs, ankles, veins, and circulatory system.

*Theory in astrology (not medical science!) is that the signs of the zodiac rule parts of the body.  

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Your baby’s star signs revealed… Aquarius