Baby star signs

Your baby’s star signs revealed… Scorpio

Baby horoscopes: What do the stars say about your Scorpio baby?

Baby star signs: Your Scorpio baby

Can baby astrology affect your baby’s developing personality?

Scorpio star sign

Scorpio (October 23rd-November 21st)

Very sensitive and secretive defines Scorpio children and they can often switch from sulky to smiling in no time at all.

Although well hidden, Scorpio children can be very insecure deep down yet they can hide it well with a strong and bold exterior. 

Mysteries and magic often intrigue a Scorpio child and they’re likely to have a real competitive side so if they are playing, they are playing to win. Holding a grudge is common in Scorpio children and they may even show a vindictive side that can see them plotting revenge on those they feel have wronged them.

Friends of a Scorpio child will find them very loyal but also can be possessive but their magnetic personality will shine through making them very popular. 

Do you recognise these traits in your Scorpio baby?

Capable, loving, devoted, mystical, sentimental

Parenting tip:
Knowing the truth is a speciality of a Scorpio child, so don’t waste your time attempting to fob them off with fibs, they will always find the truth. 

Zodiac health hotspots*: Rules the nose, genitals, bladder and blood.

*Theory in astrology (not medical science!) is that the signs of the zodiac rule parts of the body.

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Your baby’s star signs revealed… Scorpio