Baby star signs

Your baby’s star signs revealed… Cancer

Baby horoscopes: What do the stars say about your Cancer baby?

Baby star signs: Your Cancer baby

Can baby astrology affect your baby’s developing personality?

Cancer star sign

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Water is a firm favourite with Cancerean so you will probably find bath-time is the highlight of their day. It’s all about family and the home for Cancereans and they really adore their mums but they can need some reassurance when being left with others or in new social situations.

Cancereans have a real caring side and are really considerate of others’ feelings. They love to eat and have a general interest in food and may later show real interest in cooking.

Another stubborn one, Cancereans can be difficult to budge when their mind is made up and these can often retreat into their shell when upset. They might not be keen to share their problems with anyone either. 

Comfortable in their safe environment, joining in with others is not naturally their thing and they may need some encouragement. Apart from the stubborn/moody streak, Cancerean children are often well behaved and tend not to have tantrums.

Do you recognise these traits in your Cancerean baby?

Qualities: protective, caring, sentimental, considerate, creature of habit

Parenting tip:
Gentle encouragement and positive praise will help your Cancerean child’s confidence grow

Zodiac health hotspots*: Rules the stomach, diaphragm, breasts, and lymph system.

*Theory in astrology (not medical science!) is that the signs of the zodiac rule parts of the body.

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Your baby’s star signs revealed… Cancer