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Your baby’s star signs revealed… Gemini

Baby horoscopes: What do the stars say about your Gemini baby?

Baby star signs: Your Gemini baby

Can baby astrology affect your baby’s developing personality?

Gemini star sign

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Gemini children love to chat about anything and everything so they may need some about what is appropriate to say and what really isn’t or you may just have to get used to the embarrassing things they come out with. Alongside this, they are often highly intelligent and often show a natural ability to use technology. They also remain very childlike and often enjoy the odd practical joke as they grow.

Gemini children often tend to be early crawlers as they have an appetite for the world around them and just want to get out there and explore. They love to be around others and are very sociable from a young age. 

Making decisions can be tough for Geminis and they can often be undecided about the simplest things and choices - flipping back and forth before making that all important final decision. They can also show signs of unpredictability and may not conform well to strict routines. 

Interaction and stimulation is key to a Gemini child’s happiness especially one on one attention. Geminis are not so keen on big crowds commotion.

Do you recognise these traits in your Gemini baby?

Qualities: Chatty, funny, bright, active, fickle, curious

Parenting tip: Keeping them engaged with one thing can be tough, so encourage them to complete something before moving on to the next thing

Zodiac health hotspots*: Rules the shoulders, arms, fingers, lungs, and upper ribs.

*Theory in astrology (not medical science!) is that the signs of the zodiac rule parts of the body.

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Your baby’s star signs revealed… Gemini