Baby star signs

Your baby’s star signs revealed… Libra

Baby horoscopes: What do the stars say about your Libra baby?

Baby star signs: Your Libra baby

Can baby astrology affect your baby’s developing personality?

Libra star sign

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra children are known for their indecisiveness and are always determined to weigh up all the options. Highly sociable, Librans, like Leos, love to be centre of attention but sometimes it may be necessary to reign them in a little so they don’t get too carried away.

They’re diplomats too and can often be found resolving playground issues. Librans are good at weighing up both arguments to help come to the right resolution. Conflict is not popular with Librans and but they’ll often defend the underdog and fight for what they believe in.

Generous to a fault, Libran children will give away their last snack or hand over their toys to the point where they could be left with nothing.

Being on time is a problem for Librans, often lacking urgency or understanding any need to be on time. Early warnings and plenty of time to get ready is important if you want to get where you need to be when you need to be there. 

Communication and companionship are central to a happy Libran, they want to engage with others as much as possible and are great at making others feel comfortable.

Do you recognise these traits in your Libra baby?

Qualities: Indecisive, considerate, generous, peace-maker, social-butterfly

Parenting tip: As well as looking at both sides of an argument to resolve it, Librans are equally able to stand up for themselves when needed.

Zodiac health hotspots*: Rules the kidneys, equilibrium and balance.

*Theory in astrology (not medical science!) is that the signs of the zodiac rule parts of the body.

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Your baby’s star signs revealed… Libra