Aquarius dads are...

What does his star sign say about him as a dad?

What is an Aquarius dad like?

We take a look at Aquarius dads to uncover their typical traits

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Can he just be serious for a second? An aquarius dad loves to clown around.  He’s great at playing with the kids, taking them on out and about, supporting them at supports and generally being there for them.

His kids should prepare for embarrassment as his dad jokes and pranks know no bounds.  

Never dull, Aquarian dads look for ways to have good times with their kids – but they can be impatient and appear to want their kids to grow up a little too fast.

Dads with this star sign can be unconventional, unpredictable but always entertaining.  Yet they balance this with being determined to do their best and can be sticklers for discipline at times.  As well as being strict Aquarian dads often like to have the last say on things.
Aquarian dad may sometimes be distanced and a little emotionally detached but he’ll always give his kids the freedom they need to be their unique selves.

He  can be sensitive and empathetic too.  He knows his feelings and won't be shy about how being a dad melts his heart too

His parenting style in a nutshell: 

Aquarius dads are very passionate, responsible and doting daddies they thrive on being a family man and once they become a dad, they embrace how their life changes and they will give the role of fatherhood the utmost priority in their life

Famous Aquarius dads:

• Gary Barlow
• Robbie Williams
• Buzz Aldrin
• Luis Suarez

Aquarius dads are...