Taurus dads are...

What does his star sign say about him as a dad?

What is a Taurus dad like?

We take a look at Taurus dads to uncover their typical traits

Taurus Dad 474

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus dads are laid back and calm. They are full of encouragement for their child, hardworking and they like to be generous spend on family luxuries.  But don’t worry, he keeps a tight rein on budgets and limits too.

Tradition is important to him and he’ll often be the one to make a ritual of playing a game or having a family movie night. 

He can be quite stern when it comes to disciplining his children, but they know where they stand with his straight-forward style.  Plus, his great sense of humour quickly returns and he soon has them smiling again once he’s had his say.

He doesn’t push them to be over-achievers but he can be counted on to provide routine and structure at home - with gentle and fair boundaries.  He can be quite blunt and straight-forward in his nature, but hardly ever gets angry or raises his voice to the children.  

He’ll be one of the warmest dads around and openly share his adoration and affection for his whole family.  A Taurus dad does a very good job of making sure his kids are taught loyalty, love, honesty and respect.

His parenting style in a nutshell: 

A dad with good values, who’s practical and fun loving, yet fair with the rules and will teach kids the value of working hard and saving money.  He’s a total family man, he lives and breathes for them and knows his responsibilities and duties well.

Famous Taurus dads:

• David Beckham
• Channing Tatum 
• Vernon Kay
• Len Goodman
• Bradley Wiggins

Taurus dads are...