Gemini dads are...

What does his star sign say about him as a dad?

What is a Gemini dad like?

We take a look at Gemini dads to uncover their typical traits

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Carefree and playful, Gemini dads are more likely to want to be best mates than fathers and they rely on their wit and intelligence to raise their kids rather than strict traditional ways.

Charming and communicative they are full of stories about when they were a kid and they make good use of their lively imagination to entertain their children.

Laid back in their style they can get bored and look for ways to escape their ‘duties’ and aren’t known for being great listeners.   He loves to spoil his children but isn’t great at setting boundaries or following through discipline thanks to his spirited and liberal mindset.

He likes to play ‘good cop’ and be the happy, fun-loving parent – the one they can confide in – so he often relies on his partner to be the ‘bad cop’.  But you can count on him to be a lovely and playful parent to your children.

Although often busy with work, when they do spend time with dad, children will always have a good time with him.

Daughters of Gemini dads often say their dad is the most important man in their world and share almost everything with him. 

His parenting style in a nutshell: 

His emotional bond with his children brings the whole family closer together.  He’s light-hearted, compassionate, and loves to spoil little ones – especially true when it comes to daughters.  Overall he’s lenient and gives his children lots on space and freedom to be themselves.

Famous Gemini dads:

• Bear Grylls
• Jamie Oliver
• Frank Lampard
• Johnny Depp
• Russell Brand

Gemini dads are...