Cancer dads are...

What does his star sign say about him as a dad?

What is a Cancer dad like?

We take a look at Cancer dads to uncover their typical traits

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Dads with this star sign thoroughly enjoy raising children, they are empathetic, supportive and nurturing and often their heart rules their head.

Very emotional by nature, they can easily feel affected by the things that affect their children – if their child is hurting these dads will feel their pain more! 

Having the occasional sulk and childish moment, Cancerian dads are sometimes moody, which can confuse children at times, but dads with this star sign have a heart of gold and immense love for their family.

He’s happy for his life revolves around family, and he adores a ‘close-knit’ family atmosphere. He enjoys cooking for his family, especially on special occasions and traditional celebrations.

Despite a sometimes tough exterior, Cancerian dads have a soft and sentimental side; they’ll treasure heirlooms and keepsakes.

Dads with this star sign have a great sense of humour, which amuses their kids and brings a cheerful sense to the home. 

He does not believe in being overly strict and rather than being stern he’ll be calm and composed when disciplining his kids.

His parenting style in a nutshell:

Cancerian dads are emotionally expressive, and truly love their family. Despite their brief moody moments, Cancerian dads are supportive and compassionate, and provide a stable household.

Famous Cancer dads:

• Benedict Cumberbatch
• Prince William
• Gareth Bale
• Chris Pratt
• Lionel Messi

Cancer dads are...