Virgo dads are...

What does his star sign say about him as a dad?

What is an Virgo dad like?

We take a look at Virgo dads to uncover their typical traits

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Practical and energetic, Virgo dads enjoy keeping busy and love to spend time with family.

They often encourage their children to try new things, and make a great effort to include their kids in outdoor family fun, or a new project, like fixing things around the home, caring for pets or some arts and crafts.

Virgo dads can find open declarations of affection hard, however they love their children dearly, and show affection by spending time with their kids.

Virgos can also be perfectionists, making him the dad to count on for providing a stable routine within the household.

Dads with this star sign have a talent for co-ordinating events and activities, so his kids should prepare for action packed adventure in school holidays and no-one will get to school late when he’s on duty.

His parenting style in a nutshell:

Virgo dads are active, practical and encourage their children to say ‘yes’ to new experiences, and show their love through spending time with their children. They are also perfectionists and are skilled organisers and like to stick to an everyday routine.

Famous Virgo dads:

• Liam Payne
• Guy Ritchie
• Adam Sandler
• Hugh Grant
• John Green

Virgo dads are...