Astro Dad fun: what his star sign says about him as a dad

What your star sign says about the way you raise children

Does your star sign reflect your parenting style?

We look at how your star sign can reflect the way you raise your children

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Say what you will about astrology.  Some say it’s codswallop others swear it’s a scientific study.
Apparently according to the stars the signs of Cancer and Capricorn most sum up parental qualities. Cancer the nurturing, matriarchal mother and Capricorn the stable, loyal father that likes to take charge and give practical advice.

Find out what your fella's star sign says about him as a dad and the way he'll raise children - recognise any similarities?

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Can he just be serious for a second? An Aquarius dad loves to clown around.  He’s great at playing with the kids, taking them on out and about, supporting them at supports and generally being there for them.

His kids should prepare for embarrassment as his dad jokes and pranks know no bounds.  

Never dull, Aquarian dads look for ways to have good times with their kids – but they can be impatient and appear to want their kids to grow up a little too fast.

Dads with this star sign can be unconventional, unpredictable but always entertaining.  Yet they balance this with being determined to do their best and can be sticklers for discipline at times.  As well as being strict Aquarian dads often like to have the last say on things.
Aquarian dad may sometimes be distanced and a little emotionally detached but he’ll always give his kids the freedom they need to be their unique selves.

He can be sensitive and empathetic too.  He knows his feelings and won't be shy about how being a dad melts his heart too

His parenting style in a nutshell: 

Aquarius dads are very passionate, responsible and doting daddies they thrive on being a family man and once they become a dad, they embrace how their life changes and they will give the role of fatherhood the utmost priority in their life.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The Mr Softy of star signs, Pisces dads aren’t afraid to show their sentimental side.  He’ll often reminisce and proudly regale people with tales of his children’s milestones and ‘firsts’.

Very devoted, he’s known for his caring nature once he becomes a dad.  He’ll be practical – feeding, changing, reading stories and doing the school run – and take pride in being responsible in raising his children.

Pisces dads really don’t like to see their children cry because they are emotional and sensitive too and they can seem to get upset for their kids over the smallest of things.  But they’re intuitive and perceptive so they have a good grasp on knowing if something is the matter with their child and understanding what they can do to help them.  

Because he’s a practical thinker, he’s great at coming up with solutions and coping mechanisms to any problems that his child may face and as they get older he can be relied upon to give them sound advice and support.

He’s not a very ‘pushy’ father and sometimes he’ll feel uneasy about disciplining his kids. Sometimes he may seem to give them a little too much freedom – watch out, as his kids may even learn to take advantage of this weakness!

His parenting style in a nutshell: 

Emotionally and practically equipped to be a great father, he’s not afraid of showing his love for his kids and always tell them how he feels.  His devotedness is rewarded by his kids being very close to him.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

He’s so Macho! The absolute alpha-male of star signs, he likes to retain his top dog role at home.  This can make him appear controlling and over-protective but essentially he can still be a very fun-loving and caring dad.

Aries dads are also considered to be one of the most friendly and supportive dads of all the signs.

He seeks out family adventure, excitement and entertainment and wants to have fun being with his family and not feel like family life is ever a chore.

He loves making his children happy and won’t hesitate to see the benefits on booking a family holiday or day trip, but he expects his kids to grab life by the horns and dive on in to new adventures and experiences.

He enjoys feeling proud of his children and likes to show them off as he thinks it builds confidence in his kids.  He likes his children to be confident, polite and honest too.   

Aries dads need to watch out that they don’t brag or become a ‘baby-bore’.  They can also be highly competitive so need to remember that a little modesty can go a long way. 

Be gentle with him though.  He comes for a place of wanting his kids to have what he didn’t and achieve what he wasn’t able to and just want his children to be successful.

His parenting style in a nutshell: 

Strong yet warm hearted, spontaneous yet strict he encourages his children with lots of excitement and bold adventures

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus dads are laid back and calm. They are full of encouragement for their child, hardworking and they like to be generous spend on family luxuries.  But don’t worry, he keeps a tight rein on budgets and limits too.

Tradition is important to him and he’ll often be the one to make a ritual of playing a game or having a family movie night. 

He can be quite stern when it comes to disciplining his children, but they know where they stand with his straight-forward style.  Plus, his great sense of humour quickly returns and he soon has them smiling again once he’s had his say.

He doesn’t push them to be over-achievers but he can be counted on to provide routine and structure at home - with gentle and fair boundaries.  He can be quite blunt and straight-forward in his nature, but hardly ever gets angry or raises his voice to the children.  

He’ll be one of the warmest dads around and openly share his adoration and affection for his whole family.  A Taurus dad does a very good job of making sure his kids are taught loyalty, love, honesty and respect.

His parenting style in a nutshell: 

A dad with good values, who’s practical and fun loving, yet fair with the rules and will teach kids the value of working hard and saving money.  He’s a total family man, he lives and breathes for them and knows his responsibilities and duties well.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Carefree and playful, Gemini dads are more likely to want to be best mates than fathers and they rely on their wit and intelligence to raise their kids rather than strict traditional ways.

Charming and communicative they are full of stories about when they were a kid and they make good use of their lively imagination to entertain their children.

Laid back in their style they can get bored and look for ways to escape their ‘duties’ and aren’t known for being great listeners.   He loves to spoil his children but isn’t great at setting boundaries or following through discipline thanks to his spirited and liberal mindset.

He likes to play ‘good cop’ and be the happy, fun-loving parent – the one they can confide in – so he often relies on his partner to be the ‘bad cop’.  But you can count on him to be a lovely and playful parent to your children.

Although often busy with work, when they do spend time with dad, children will always have a good time with him.

Daughters of Gemini dads often say their dad is the most important man in their world and share almost everything with him. 

His parenting style in a nutshell: 

His emotional bond with his children brings the whole family closer together.  He’s light-hearted, compassionate, and loves to spoil little ones – especially true when it comes to daughters.  Overall he’s lenient and gives his children lots on space and freedom to be themselves.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Dads with this star sign thoroughly enjoy raising children, they are empathetic, supportive and nurturing and often their heart rules their head.

Very emotional by nature, they can easily feel affected by the things that affect their children – if their child is hurting these dads will feel their pain more! 
Having the occasional sulk and childish moment, Cancerian dads are sometimes moody, which can confuse children at times, but dads with this star sign have a heart of gold and immense love for their family.

He’s happy for his life revolves around family, and he adores a ‘close-knit’ family atmosphere. He enjoys cooking for his family, especially on special occasions and traditional celebrations.

Despite a sometimes tough exterior, Cancerian dads have a soft and sentimental side; they’ll treasure heirlooms and keepsakes.

Dads with this star sign have a great sense of humour, which amuses their kids and brings a cheerful sense to the home. 

He does not believe in being overly strict and rather than being stern he’ll be calm and composed when disciplining his kids.

His parenting style in a nutshell:

Cancerian dads are emotionally expressive, and truly love their family. Despite their brief moody moments, Cancerian dads are supportive and compassionate, and provide a stable household.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo dads are devoted, loyal and protective, but can be strict at times, demanding high standards, both academically and socially.

Dads with this star sign like to be involved and up to date in terms of their children’s school work. His kids’ accomplishments are important to him, and he loves to feel immensely proud of his children. 

Fatherhood is important to Leos, they love kids and demand respect from their children.

Leo dads like to look good and do things in style and treat their friends and family extravagantly.

Dads with this star sign can be stubborn and strong-willed; they won’t give up easily and often expect their kids to see things through to the finish line.

Although Leo dads may come across as having a hard shell, they truly love their family and are willing to make big sacrifices to bring their family the best.

His parenting style in a nutshell:

Leos are often strict and expect high standards; they have a great deal of love for their family and want the best for them. It is for this reason that they set the bar high for their children and make the sacrifices that they do. 

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Practical and energetic, Virgo dads enjoy keeping busy and love to spend time with family. They often encourage their children to try new things, and make a great effort to include their kids in outdoor family fun, or a new project, like fixing things around the home, caring for pets or some arts and crafts.

Virgo dads can find open declarations of affection hard, however they love their children dearly, and show affection by spending time with their kids.

Virgos can also be perfectionists, making him the dad to count on for providing a stable routine within the household.

Dads with this star sign have a talent for co-ordinating events and activities, so his kids should prepare for action packed adventure in school holidays and no-one will get to school late when he’s on duty.

His parenting style in a nutshell:

Virgo dads are active, practical and encourage their children to say ‘yes’ to new experiences, and show their love through spending time with their children. They are also perfectionists and are skilled organisers and like to stick to an everyday routine.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Although they often show little desire to become a dad, once the do they welcome the challenge.  These dads often totally transform once they become dads, but he may not truly come into his own until his children get a little older.  He’s often waiting for the day that he can become a friend to his child as well as a father.

He is sociable and likes everyone to get along and has a strong sense of fairness and right and wrong He’ll instil these values in his children and can be counted on to play his part in creating a balanced and harmonious household.

He’s unlikely to be comfortable chastising or punishing his children. More likely, he’ll give them the chance to put right their wrongs and learn from their mistakes. But because of this, his children may take his discipline lightly.

Libra dads are best at teaching the value of fairness and encourage their children to debate well.  

He can also be relied upon to be a good decision maker when it comes to matters relating to raising children.  Likewise, he gives his children the freedom to do anything in life, to chase their dreams and follow their goals without interference.

His parenting style in a nutshell:

He is fair and easy going and his great patience means he’ll treat his children with utmost kindness.   Loving and comfortable showing natural fondness for his children, he’ll give them space to grow into themselves.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio dad is inquisitive, protective and resourceful.  He likes to stick close to his family so you can rely on him to provide lots of love and security.

He exudes masculinity and likes having people around him who rely on him, but watch out, he often believes that he is right and is not afraid of disciplining his kids. 

Even though he portrays a tough image, deep down he’s a softie and can get affected by even the smallest things that happen to his kids.  He’s very good at seeing things from his kid’s point of view and treating his kids with compassion.

He takes the role of being a dad seriously and is often happy to transform his previous lifestyle to accommodate life with a family. Scorpio dads are generous by nature and will want his kids to have the best, as much as he can provide.

As well as having the best, Scorpio dads are also proud and want their children to be the best.  He’ll often introduce his kids to his favourite sports, hobbies and board games and likes to show off his own knowledge and capabilities.

His parenting style in a nutshell:

They are loyal and want to always be near their children and family. He can be counted on to give his kids lots or reassurance and discipline them, but can lose his temper quickly. Although, his children tend to respect his leadership and motivational qualities.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

A gentle, calm and down-to-earth daddy, Sagittarius dad fulfils his role and responsibility with care and dedication - once he gets used to the idea!

He’s fun to be with and values spending time with the family and he knows it is way more important than spending money on children.  

He’ll often have his own childlike attitude that makes him really fun and cheerful.  Yet he may not be all that comfortable around babies. He tends to enjoy it more and make it up to them when they become older.

He’s not too hard or strict with his kids and can be quite straightforward and blunt at times.  But he comes from a place of wanting only the best for his children.

Sagittarius dads enjoy teaching their kids a love of learning and like to show their kids the world at large, whether that is through travel and adventure of or an everyday task that he can show them. He enjoys getting them thinking about things and having grown up conversations, exposing his kids to different culture and people and telling them stories. 

Generally speaking, he is a cool dad. Responsible, dedicated and devoted.

His parenting style in a nutshell:

He strikes a good balance between discipline and freedom.  He is good at knowing when to step in and when to give freedom and gently guidance.  His childlike spirit helps him to bond with his children and he can be counted on to create a diverse learning environment as they grow.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Often the most reliable, practical and traditional of dads, he is hardworking and hands on.   But he can be really quite strict.  Capricorn dads have rules and expectations which they expect their kids to follow and they can be especially protective and possessive of their daughters.

It’s important to him to teach his children to be studious and ambitious.  He wants them to do well at school and have successful careers and he’ll start planning and working hard for them right from their very early years.  He likes to push his children and will teach them the value and importance of being self-reliant from an early age.

He’s not a naturally cool dad and sometimes he can appear a bit out of touch with today’s young family life, but he’ll be pretty hand-on around the house and helpful with the kids. 

The sweet and gentle side of Capricorn dad also means he’s good at spotting when something is not going right for his kids.  He’ll be good at guiding his children on the right path and give them practical solutions to help sort out their challenges and make their lives easier.

He’s one of those dads that expects a lot but does a lot for his children and family.  Definitely a traditionalist but he truly rocks at being a doting dad too!

His parenting style in a nutshell:

Traditional in his nature he expects his children to be well-behaved and succeed in all hat they do.  He’s big on discipline, but he remembers to recognise and reward good behaviour too. He can be counted on to give his kids a structured and disciplined home.

Astro Dad fun: what his star sign says about him as a dad