Greek Mythology inspired baby names

Discover the names of heroic, bold and beautiful deities of a glorious past era. Be inspired by our Greek mythology baby names for boys and girls

Take some baby name inspiration from Greek mythology

Looking for a strong heroic baby name? Why not look at Greek mythology for inspiration?

Greek mythology baby names

Greek gods and heroes are world renowned for their famous exploits, incredible feats of strength and wisdom, not to mention their attractiveness. These mythical Greek names are loaded with an incredible history of glorious and intriguing backstories to inspire your name choice. Look back into ancient history full of wit, intrigue and heroics for a name for your new little one.

Girls names:

• Hera - The ‘Queen of Gods’, protector women and marriage, the name Hera encapsulates the majesty and strength of women.

• Athena - Symbolising justice, wisdom and courage this Goddess is renowned for her sense of fair play, well rounded temperament and famous owl Minerva; another ancient name to consider!

• Artemis - The Goddess of the hunt and moon embodies athleticism and resourcefulness. Famous for her bow and arrow and affinity with animals.

• Nike - This name is the personification of victory, harking back to the ancient mythological Goddess often portrayed triumphantly riding a chariot in the glory of achievement

• Iris - Name your child after the goddess of the rainbow, famed for her glamorous wings and fleet of foot, Iris also alludes to the beautiful flower.

Boys names:

• Hermes - Mischievous and intelligent, this name harks back to the Olympian God Hermes, ‘the bringer of good luck’; a unique name steeped in heroic boyish accomplishment. 

• Zeus - The King of the Gods. Ruler of Mount Olympus, thunder and lightning , this iconic and powerful boy’s name encapsulates its Greek mythology roots.

• Heracles/Hercules - The most famous of the Greek divine heroes known for his supernatural strength and outstanding intelligence and wit, Heracles/Hercules has a rich history of daring triumphs.

• Theseus - This legendary Greek hero renowned for his boldness and intelligence in defeating the fearsome minotaur on the island of Crete perfectly embodies the daring and tragedy of Greek mythology.

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Greek Mythology inspired baby names